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Refresh page to view image Antiparasitic Resistance: Cattle & Small Ruminants

How to detect it and what to do about it: Resistance to antiparasitic drugs used in livestock is an emerging problem in the United States.  This brochure provides veterinarians with helpful information on how to detect and manage antiparasitic resistance, so approved drugs remain effective for longer.  Published by the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine.

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Refresh page to view image AquaVetMed.info

Aquavetmed.info is the only free searchable online global directory of aquatic veterinarians and disease diagnostic laboratories. This is a collaborative effort of AVMA, GlobalVetLink and AUMS that was funded by the USDA Risk Management Agency.

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Refresh page to view image AVMA Issue Briefs

These online briefs provide veterinarians with concise summaries of issues being considered by Congress that affect the veterinary profession.

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Refresh page to view image BMP for Pharmaceutical Disposal Poster Best Management Practices for Pharmaceutical Disposal

This poster accompanies the AVMA's "Best Management Practices for Pharmaceutical Disposal" policy and provides a quick reference for the veterinary team about the proper disposal of medications to avoid environmental contamination. For more information on proper disposal of unwanted medications, visit the AVMA Disposal of Unwanted Medications webpages.

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Refresh page to view image DEA Practitioner’s Manual

This booklet provides veterinarians with an overview of the requirements of the Controlled Substances Act. Published by the DEA.

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Refresh page to view image International Response to Infectious Salmon Anemia Prevention, Control, and Eradication

Conference proceedings about Salmon Anemia and how to prevent, control, and eradicate this disease. Published by the USDA in cooperation with AVMA and other organizations.

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Refresh page to view image USDA Veterinary BiologicsUse and Regulation

This brochure provides information on the use and regulation of veterinary biologics, including vaccines and blood products. Published by the USDA.

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