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Mix and match AVMA brochures pricing

Purchase multiple titles (in packages of 50) from our client information, career, and pet loss brochures to qualify for mix & match pricing:

(Pkgs of 50) Member Non-Member You Save
1-2 pkgs $16.00/pkg $19.00/pkg 16%
3-4 pkgs $15.00/pkg $18.00/pkg 17%
5-9 pkgs $13.00/pkg $16.00/pkg 19%
10+ pkgs $12.00/pkg $15.00/pkg 20%

The following titles are mix and match items:

Client Information Brochures
Cancer in Animals
Canine Distemper (E/S)
Canine Parvovirus (E/S)
Choosing a Veterinarian
Diabetic Pets
Dog Bite Prevention
External Parasites (E/S)
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Feline Panleukopenia
Heartworm Disease (E/S)
Household Hazards
Internal Parasites in Cats and Dogs
Microchipping Your Pet
Pet Dental Care
Pet Ownership (E/S)
Preventing Zoonotic Diseases (E/S)
Rabies (E/S)
Selecting a Bird
Selecting a Cat
Selecting a Dog
Selecting a Horse
Senior Pets
Spaying & Neutering (E/S)
Traveling with your Pet
Vaccinations (E/S)
Your Pet's Healthy Weight (E/S)

Career Brochures
The Veterinary Healthcare Team
Veterinary Technicians

Pet Loss Brochures
Equine Euthanasia
Pet Euthanasia
When Your Animal Dies