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2018 Veterinary Economic Report Subscription

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Published annually, this series of three (3) reports explores the economics of veterinary medicine.  Includes reports on the income/salaries and education debt of veterinarians, unemployment and underemployment, veterinary services, and veterinary capacity utilization statistics.  Set of 3 reports. PDFs are non-refundable, all sales are final.

*After purchase:  Once each new report is released, you will receive an email with instructions to download the PDF.

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AVMA & AAVMC Report on The Market for Veterinary Education

The market for veterinary education is the beginning of the pipeline to the market for veterinary services. This report examines the characteristics of veterinary college applicants, the supply of and demand for veterinary education, and the performance of the market in providing new veterinarians.

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AVMA Report on The Market for Veterinarians

This report explores the demographics and employment of the veterinary profession; where veterinarians are located, what type of work they do, how much they are compensated, and how they are managing their educational debt. The report also measures unemployment and underemployment and identifies the contributing factors, and explores the performance of the market based on the value of the DVM degree.

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AVMA Report on The Market for Veterinary Services

The demand for veterinarians and veterinary education begins with the demand for veterinary services. This report provides an overview of the veterinary workforce and projections for the supply and demand for veterinary services using recent AVMA Pet Demographics and Ownership study data. The report also presents the results of an efficiency analysis of the veterinary practices. In addition, the economic impact of veterinary businesses on a national scale is discussed.

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