AVMA Animal Health Studies Database

About the AVMA Animal Health Studies Database
What is the AAHSD?

The AVMA Animal Health Studies Database is a Web-based resource established in June 2016 that provides easy access to information on publicly and privately supported veterinary clinical studies across a wide range of species, diseases, and conditions. The AAHSD is maintained by the American Veterinary Medical Association as a service to animal owners, veterinarians, and veterinary clinical investigators, with a primary goal of facilitating advances in animal health care. Information on the AAHSD is provided and updated by the site contact or principal investigator associated with each clinical study. Studies are generally submitted to the AAHSD when they begin, and the information on the site is updated throughout the study. The AAHSD encourages principal investigators to post the results of their completed studies on the database.

The AAHSD contains information about veterinary clinical studies in animal patients. Many of the studies listed in the AAHSD are clinical trials (also called interventional studies). A clinical trial is a research study in which the animals enrolled are assigned to interventions (for example, a medical product or procedure) based on a protocol (or plan) and are then evaluated for the effects of that intervention on biomedical or health outcomes. The AAHSD also includes listings of observational studies and epidemiologic studies. The AAHSD currently accepts study submissions from 50 States as well as studies being conducted in Canada. Unlike clinical studies in people, veterinary clinical studies are not required by law to be registered, so there may be studies suitable for your animal that are not listed in the AAHSD., Studies listed in the AAHSD have been voluntarily submitted and are limited to those that have verified compliance with all federal, state, or regional oversight regulations applicable to the conduct of veterinary clinical studies.

AAHSD study listings and data obtained through the search function are available to any individual, within or outside the United States, at no charge.

The AAHSD is a 'neutral' tool and does not host, or receive funding from, advertising or the display of commercial content.

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What Information Can I Find on the AAHSD?

Each AAHSD study listing has information about the study protocol and includes the following:

  • Disease or condition
  • Intervention (for example, the medical product, behavior, or procedure being studied)
  • Title, description, and design of the study
  • Requirements for participation (eligibility criteria)
  • Locations where the study is being conducted
  • Contact information for the study locations
  • Some records may also include information on the results of the study, once the data has been finalized.

Once a study is listed on the AAHSD, the information about it is not removed and serves as a permanent record that the study was listed and/or conducted. Any edits made to the study listing after publication on the site will be archived.

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What Can I Do on This Site?
  • Find and view veterinary clinical studies. Perform basic and advanced searches of listings of veterinary clinical studies; browse studies; and search studies by species; field of veterinary medicine, location, or study recruitment status. See the Find Studies section of the site.
  • Learn more about clinical research. Find out how clinical studies are conducted and what animals can participate. See Learn About Clinical Studies.
  • Submit listings of veterinary clinical studies. Veterinary clinical investigators can find out how to submit and maintain study listings and enter summary information about study protocols and results. See the Submit Studies section of the site.
  • View the outcomes of studies that have been completed. The AAHSD encourages investigators to post the results of their study, either by posting text or by linking to published papers related to the study. As the AAHSD was established in June 2016, it is unlikely that there are very many studies with results posted until 2017 and beyond.

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Linking to The AAHSD

The American Veterinary Medical Association invites you to link from your Web site to the AAHSD.

The data on AAHSD is updated continuously. New studies are published shortly after submission of the listing, and existing studies may be edited at any time. To ensure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate information, please do not make static copies of studies or search results. Instead, use a link to the AAHSD site to perform a new search or display the latest version of an existing study.