AVMA Animal Health Studies Database

Submission of Veterinary Clinical Studies to the AAHSD

AAHSD is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported veterinary clinical studies conducted in the United States and Canada. Besides clinical trials, the AAHSD accepts other prospective clinical studies, and epidemiologic/survey type studies as well. Clinical studies in any animal species, and any field or discipline of veterinary medicine can be included.

The information required to submit a study for listing on the AAHSD was modified from the International Standards for a Clinical Trials Registry defined by the World Health Organization and largely mirrors the information required for listing on the Clinicaltrials.gov site for human clinical studies. The goal is to make the conduct of veterinary clinical studies as transparent and informative as possible to all interested parties, including owners, other investigators, and funding agencies. The AAHSD has made every effort to make the submission of this information as easy as possible, including the ability to copy information from previous pages, the ability to cut and paste text, the use of drop-down boxes, etc.

Why Should I Submit my Study to the AAHSD?

Listing veterinary clinical studies and posting summary results of those studies, once completed, on the AAHSD fulfills a number of purposes and benefits a variety of populations. Obviously, those conducting the study stand to benefit by the wide visibility that the study will have on the AVMA website, thus maximizing enrollment potential into the study and more rapid completion of the study. The information listed will assist owners and referring veterinarians to make educated and informed decisions regarding participation. A record of studies performed, or underway, will help to inform other investigators about the need to conduct a certain study and may, in some instances, encourage collaboration amongst investigators. Also, a robust collection of veterinary clinical studies will assist advocacy efforts not only for increasing funding for research but also to increase acceptance of naturally-occurring conditions in animals as pre-clinical models that can serve to inform the medical community on like conditions in people. The standardized fields of information collected for each study largely mirror that of Clinicaltrials.gov, the NIH registry for clinical trials in people. Lastly, the engagement of the veterinary research community and the success of the AAHSD will largely determine what, if any, enhancements and/or additional functions might be added in the future.

Why Should I Submit My Results to the AAHSD?

There are many benefits to submitting the results of your study, once finalized. Most importantly, it fulfills the ethical obligation to the owners who enrolled their animals into the study expecting that doing so would benefit veterinary medical knowledge. By including all results, be they positive, negative, or not different, the AAHSD archive helps to circumvent publication bias. Also, it provides a public record accompanied by a standardized description of the study itself that is informative for other researchers, and can facilitate systematic reviews.

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